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Mission Statement
Our goal is to set a higher standard of service and installation in the community and for our customers. We Pledge to conduct our business with commitment to personal service, quality and integrity. Our goal is to build a team of trained and dedicated employees working together to serve our customers. Our purpose is to operate Settle Heating and Air as a Christian Faith Based Company striving to improve our community.

The Settle Community Scholarship
David and Cindy Settle, owners of Settle Heating and Air, have been providing service to the greater Cleveland County area since 1998. The establishment of the Settle Community Scholarships in 2010 is another example of their commitment to their community.

With the scholarship, 2% of all heating and air replacement units sold by Settle Heating and Air in Cleveland County go towards the scholarship. Persons purchasing the unit will be able to designate which high school they would like the donation to go towards, if no high school is selected the funds will be evenly divided between the high schools.

In 2010 Settle awarded 9 scholarships to students in the Cleveland County School System. In 2011 they also awarded 9. Since the Scholarships inception in 2010 a total of 37 scholarships have been awarded.

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Scholarship Information

  • Fund builds dollars based on heating and air replacement units sold by Settle Heating and Air
  • Persons purchasing the unit designate the funds to a High School in Cleveland County
  • If no High School is designated funds will be divided between the  High Schools
  • All funds designated from May 1 to April 30 each year will be reserved for the scholarships to be awarded that May (this cycle will repeat annually). Settle promotes the scholarships in advertisements in each school’s Football program and other media throughout the year.

Parameters for Recipients

  • Acceptance to technical school, college or university (request for funds from the school of attendance)
  • Weighted grade point average 2.75 or above
  • Recommendation by a teacher
  • Applications and information will be provided each year to the schools
  • Each school will recommend 3 students for scholarships
  • Transcript is to be attached to each application
  • Settle Heating and Air will select final recipients
    Settle will guarantee that at least $500 per school is awarded each year.

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