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Heating with a Furnace

Heating Your Home When Things Get Cold…

Settle HVAC provides expert services and advice on your heating and air needs. In order to live in comfort, a good heating system is what you need. Whether you need a whole new system or a repair, Settle Heating & Air is there to help. Oftentimes, a furnace is just what you need to keep your home warm in the cold months. If you’re in need of a repair, Settle will be with you as soon as possible to present solutions and pricing. Their ongoing service contracts allow us to work closely with you to fix your furnace whenever needed.

            Do you have the common frustrations of owning a furnace? These include:

  •         “Heating bills going higher even though furnace seems to be working!”
  •         “I don’t want to spend money on turning up the heat, but I am freezing!”
  •         “It’s almost as if I have the door wide open, even though I seem to have the heat on!”

Some common signs you need your furnace repaired are heating bills skyrocketing, inconsistent heat levels, or dry air. Don’t worry; Settle Heating & Air is there for you! Settle offers the best equipment for the job. They make sure that you never have to worry about your safety or your bill. Even if it requires piece by piece inspection, we will make sure your furnace is running with the efficiency it is meant to have.

Keeping your furnace running at maximum efficiency…

Once things are all settle on the installation and repair side, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your furnace running with excellent efficiency. First, you need to replace your filters once a month to keep airflow flowing efficiently within your home. Second, don’t block heating with furniture, carpeting, or drapes. Your furnace needs to be able to do its job, and airflow should be a top priority. Next, use ventilation sparingly. Kitchen, bath, or other ventilation devices can pull out all warm air from your furnace in just one hour. Another tip that works well is your control of draperies. Keeping your shades open and facing the sunlight does wonders on heating up a household. At night, closing them can help by reducing the cold radiating from the outside. Lastly, it goes without question to use an energy efficient furnace. This is where Settle Heating & Air can come in. They are there to work closely with you to give you the best advice on which furnace and products to install to give you the most effective household. In the long run, you will be impressed with how much money you save, and you will still be living in comfort!

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